Resetting a Tripped Chain Brake

Resetting a Tripped Chain Brake

Hey folks! We've got a really common problem with a super easy fix today. We like those ones. 

If you're having some problems getting your clutch cover back on, or if you can get it on by forcing it but your chain doesn't spin, it might be that you tripped your chain brake. Especially if you hit something or threw your chain for whatever reason (you would never...). 

The chain brake is a built in safety mechanism that stops the clutch when there is impact. It's real great to have, but when it trips it stops the saw from working until you reset it. 

If you think this might be your issue, check the inside of the clutch cover. The metal ring seen here is the brake. 

Normally this ring is pretty perfectly round and fits flush with the outside of that little circle. This one has been tripped, so you can see it's a little oblong and pulling away from the edges. It has essentially been pinched to keep that clutch from spinning. 

Fortunately it's a really simple fix! Unfortunately you need a special tool for it... Which we have! But they can be hard to find... 

Anyway, once you find one (or bring your saw to the shop here), it's just a matter of yarning on this little three pronged thing here until the brake resets to it's normal perfectly circular shape. Once it's been reset, the cover should go right back on without any issues.


If you want to see the process in action (or just watch Darcy trying to fix a chainsaw), check out the video below.