Refrigiwear ComfortGuard™ High Bib Overalls

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Whether you're in a refrigerated warehouse or braving the great outdoors, shrug off the cold with the ComfortGuard® High Bib Overalls.

ComfortGuard™ Insulated High Bib Overalls are what you need to work in the bitter cold. Whether you're outdoors in negative temperatures or dealing with industrial freezer machines, these cold-weather work overalls provide you with protection and warmth in any frigid environment.

Lightweight denim material keeps these insulated overalls warm and sturdy, and the sleeveless upper half allows for more flexibility while still providing warmth for your core. Thigh-high leg zippers on the pants let you easily remove or put on these overalls anytime throughout your day.

With 2 oversized back pockets and 2 front pockets, these utility overalls have plenty of space for hands and tools. The additional 2 chest zipper pockets and a convenient hip tool loop provide you with extra hand warmth and storage for personal items and equipment.